• Thank you for your interest in my campaign to be elected a trial court judge on the Court of Common Pleas in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

    Every person deserves “equal justice under the law” and I want to work to make this ideal a reality.  My career has been dedicated to public service, and now I hope to have the opportunity to improve our justice system as a judge.

    A good judge understands the important role courts play in our democracy.  He appreciates the enormous responsibility entrusted to him and acts with the utmost integrity and fidelity to the law. 

    A good judge works tirelessly to ensure that disputes are fairly resolved and that all participants in the proceedings are treated with respect.

    As a trial judge, I will treat all participants fairly, with compassion and respect.  I will always base my decisions on the law, and never bias or prejudice, even if the outcome is unpopular.  I will provide clear analysis and explanation of my decisions so that even people who disagree with the outcome, respect the process.  I will remember that while the court hears hundreds of cases a year, each litigant’s case is their most important one.

    Please read more about my background, experience and qualifications here
    .  I respectfully ask for your support and for your vote.

    Cullen Sweeney


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    1. Kelly Finnigan
      Jan 5th

      Good Luck Cullen! You’ll make a great judge.

    2. Paul Kuzmins
      Jan 8th

      Glad you’re running for judge. Our County needs solid principled leaders. Good luck!

    3. S. Nishiyama
      Feb 22nd

      What a wonderful endeavor to pursue! You will undoubtedly be an asset to the people of Cuyohoga County and serve them with integrity and fairness. Good luck Cullen. It is awesome and inspiring to witness you take these steps!


    4. Apr 25th

      Good luck, Cullen!

      It is clear that you will be an asset to our community as a judge. We are lucky to have someone like you dedicated to public service.

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